This is absolutely disgusting. Apparently, there has been some mold found in some Capri Sun drinks. Take a look at this video and what was found inside. Mold seems to be floating around the drink.

You can see the man opening up the Capri Sun with scissors and cutting it right across the top. When he opened it up he could see a "cloud" of mold in it. He even empties it into a glass so you could see.

Over the long weekend, we had a cookout and a lot of the kids had Capri Suns, so we decided to cut a few open to see if we had any similar results.

What did we find? There were definitely a few things floating around in there. What exactly is it? Some people were saying it was mold, others were saying it was the sugar and juice leftovers that formed the "cloud".

@victormarceloaguilar This needs to be a concern!!!! #caprisun#fyp#dangerous#forthekids#makeachange#mold#fixtheproblem♬ original sound - Victor Marcelo Aguil
Some people were commenting on the video saying that there are problems 'sealing' the pouches that Capri Suns are in. That's how the air gets in and creates the mold. Apparently, some TikTok users have found mold in other types of pouched food as well such as the kid's applesauce pouches. Others were saying that there is mold a lot of times in bath toys. If you have bath toys that can squirt water you might want to cut one open and check the insides. 
Have you ever seen anything like this?

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