Seasonal allergies can be rough in Western New York around this time of year.  There's good news though.  There are ways to make it better...with food.

Welcome to summer in Western New York where we can finally open up our windows to get some fresh air in. But unfortunately, with the fresh air comes all the things that will aggravate your allergies. Pollen, grass, hay, and of course our furry pets all drive us nuts.  Add those things to the nice cool breeze off the lake and we have a recipe for lots of snot.

You've said that you're willing to try anything to stop sneezing and sniffling all summer long.  But what can be done?  You are at the end of your rope!

Believe it or not, aside from getting shots from your doctors, there are certain foods you can eat that they say will make the allergies a little more bearable for you.  And of course, with the list of foods that you should be eating, comes a list of foods that you should stay away from.

Everyone is different and their bodies will react differently.  For some people, these things might not make a difference at all.  Then others will swear by them.  I am not a doctor, but will happily take the advice of one.  According to Dr.Morris Nejat, the first thing you need to do is see an allergist to determine first of all if it actually is allergies that are causing your discomfort and if it is, what type of allergy is it?

If it is indeed seasonal allergies that are making you buy boxes of tissues faster than anything else on your grocery store list, these foods might help:

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