Is Your Pet Too Fat?
Do you have an overweight pet? I do! My 7-year-old pug Bear (a.k.a. Fatts), unfortunately, is so overweight that he developed diabetes and gets two shots a day for the rest of his short doggy life. Sad, isn't it?
Stair Aid For Overweight Dogs
It's bad enough that so many Americans are overweight.  Now we're passing it on to our pets.  It's estimated that nearly half of all American canines will be overweight by 2022.  That's right...our dogs are getting so fat that many of them can't even walk up s…
Hovering Parents Create Inactive Kids
Obesity is a real problem here in the United States.  Due to the hectic lives of parents, many kids find themselves eating prepackaged food or fast food and they certainly don't get the exercise they need.  However, a new study has shown that if you do want your kids to…
Coming Soon: Gyms For Infants!
Just saw this report today that indicates that babies, yes little babies, should be exercising! Researchers are saying that even the kids who can't walk yet should be getting some exercise.