It’s no secret that I’m constantly struggling at maintaining a healthy weight.  I’ve never really been incredibly overweight but have always had to work hard at staying healthy.  Lately, I’ve realized that the biggest obstacle that I run into is saying “no” to other people.

It seems that people have a need to see others eat.  Why is it that when offered food, people can’t just say no?

I don’t just mean that we have an inability to say no and stick to it.  I mean that a lot of people won’t take no for an answer.  It’s like we’re not allowed to say no.

Is it a personal thing?

“I baked these brownies myself.  You have to try them!”  How many times have you heard this?  You politely say “no thanks” but their response is then, “oh it won’t hurt you to try just one will it?”

The answer to that question by the way is yes.  Sometimes all that it takes to ruin someone’s diet is just one bite, or just one brownie.  If someone politely turns your latest dish down, do them a favor and don’t push the issue.

Is it a love thing?

“My mom made this lasagna.  I have to eat it.”  Some people think that if they don’t eat the food that their loved ones make for them that it will show their mom or Uncle Lou that they don’t love them.

Which is a more significant sign of love, eating the food that’s put in front of them regardless of how healthy it is or trying to eat healthy so that they can be on this earth longer with them?  I would beg it’s the latter.

It’s not just the kids.

Michelle Obama has done a great job of making sure that we as a nation understand what kind of a problem childhood obesity has become.  She’s right.  However, it’s not just the kids that need help.  To pass on healthy decisions to our kids, we have to start making them as adults.

All I’m trying to say is that this country has a big enough problem with its weight.  For some, it’s an addiction. While I believe that every person should be held accountable for their own choices, why make it harder for them?  Most people in this country have a choice about what they eat.  But if someone is choosing to eat healthy let them do just that.

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