I am going on a vacation very soon, so I figured it was time to get in better shape.

We've all said that, and most have followed through with some sort of diet plan. To date, I have lost a total of 21 pounds since the beginning of February. This has been done with changing what and how I eat. Minimal exercise has been a part of this weight loss.

Life is so busy! Between the kids, work and activities, it feels like I am always on the run. I would say that I eat out at least a couple times a week. It's all about the choices you make and the frequency with which you eat. What I am telling you is no secret -- as a matter of fact, prior to starting this plan, I researched a a lot about what I needed to do to be successful.

I needed it to be easy. Sometimes we don't follow through with things because they are too complicated. For me, the app MyFitnessPal was just what I needed. After reading some testimonials on the app, I was ready to begin my journey. When you begin using the app, you put in basic information, such as current weight, height and also your weight loss goal. MyFitnessPal is a calorie counting app, and it couldn't be easier -- it's on your cell phone!

My weight loss goal is currently set to lose two pounds per week, and I am sticking to approximately 1,490 calories per day. The app will automatically calculate everything for you and let you know the calories per day goal that you should stick to. I cut pop, candy and most bread from my diet, in addition to making healthier choices. Like I mentioned earlier, I eat out a few times a week, but when I am home, I am eating salads, veggies, protein  fruit and some low-calorie snacks.

Watch your portion size and purchase a food scale. Water is all I drink besides a tea or two per day. Exercise has been minimal due to a busy schedule. One thing I've learned over the last month is that without exercise, you stop losing weight and just maintain. In other words, you hit a plateau. I have not strayed from my plan, but over the last couple weeks, I have just maintained the current weight.

So now it's time for phase two...EXERCISE! With the busy schedule, I just need to make time. With the weather getting warmer, it'll be easier to get outside and go for walks, runs, etc.

If you want to get in better shape and lose weight and have been unsuccessful in doing so, give this app a try. If you don't have a cell phone, you can access MyFitnessPal online as well. I have had success by making better choices, and you can too. Keep in mind that your results will be different than mine, and you should consult with a doctor before going on a plan. I am not endorsing MyFitnessPal, just passing on the positive experience that I have had in using the app.

When you do eat out, look at the nutrition of what you're eating. Instead of a hamburger, get a wrap or a salad. Instead of a donut, grab a yogurt, and reach for the bottle of water instead of a diet pop. Instead of a cookie, grab a couple of rice cakes. It all comes down to willpower, and when you see results you'll continue like I have.

Good luck on your journey!

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