This looks like an absolute riot periot if you are looking for any plans this weekend especially with the kids this looks like an absolutely solid option in Western New York.

This Saturday at the Holland Speedway at 4 PM will be the annual Crash-A-Rama.  If you have never been before do not worry you are certainly not alone. Expect a few hours of absolute mayhem. After all there is a reason that they call it the "wildest place on wheels".

Gates start at 4 pm

FREE kids rides in the bus going along the track from 4:30 until approximately 6 pm.

Crash-A-Rama & Race start shortly after 6:30

We got to test drive some of the busses and you have to see how it went they go very fast, they are very loud, and they are certainly very dangerous as well...which, make for a great event.  In addition, there will be live music from Hintz of Hazard during the event as well.

When they asked us to come take a look at the event we had no idea that we would have been part of the test crash course. I am not going to lie, it was anything hut being calm LOL.

Tickets for the grand stand are expected to sell out and then after that it will be standing room only. You will be standing along the guard rail which is not the best place to see the whole event. You can get your tickets now on the Holland Speedway website.  The next closest event will be somewhere close to Erie, Pennsylvania.


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