O.J. Simpson wasn't even stripped of his Heisman Trophy.

Lemme take this Emmy back real quick. Is anyone surprised by this?

Andrew Cuomo has officially resigned and Kathy Hochul was sworn in as the first female Governor of New York.

Things just keep getting worse for the former Governor. The first day out of office for Andrew Cuomo was a rough one. The former Governor of New York was hit with what seemed to be a media onslaught. This may be something that he just might have to get used to.

One of the first stories that got viral attention was how he allegedly left his dog at the Governor's Mansion in Albany. He later announced on Twitter that it was false.

How could the shamed governor's fall from grace look any worse?

According to the New York Post, Andrew Cuomo has been stripped of the Emmy that he won last year for his COVID daily briefings. He won the award for effectively using the television to brief New Yorkers during the pandemic.

Many people thought Andrew Cuomo should never have received an International Emmy in the first place. Others believed that he should have been stripped of the award once the Attorney General announced that allegations against Cuomo has evidence against him even though he still firmly denies that there was no misconduct.

The New York Post reported that his name and all material will not be considered for future awards.

What's next for the ex Governor? Could the Cuomo name be stripped from the bridge?

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