For my very first stay at a camp of any kind, summer camp, day camp, scout camp - I was invited to spend a day (and night) at Camp Schoellkopf in Wyoming County.  I was assured we could work out some reasonable lodging rates for the night so I was in.

What a wonderful day of adventure, challenge and education.  The biggest challenge came in preparing my own accommodations.  They tell me it's a 3-man tent.  Sure - if those three men were sardines.  But they handed me a duffle bag and told me everything was inside.  So I was off and running.

Directions?  Who needs directions.  Liz Mantel proved that when she and Jill Daniels tried to put up a tent of their own a few weeks ago.  So the theory is just empty everything out and try to make sense of it.  That's what I did.  Check out the result.

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