I just had to have it.  I'd been thinking about it all day, but around 5 pm I couldn't wait any longer.  I wanted a slice of cheese and pepperoni pizza.  Please tell me why it's so hard to find a slice of pizza at 5 pm.

I went to seven places before I found a slice of cheese and pepperoni.  The first place was sold out, the next one had slices that looked like they were from last week.  No thanks.

The next place was closed.....closed?   Then another place only serves slices between 11 am and 2 pm.  Another place had just sold the last slice of cheese and pepperoni....but they had a slice of cheese.  Uhhhhhh....no.

I was desperate at this point....but finally I found a place that had some cheese and pepperoni.  Let's do it, but what a mistake.  It must have been sitting there for hours...dried out and tasteless.  What a waste of time and money.

Does anybody have any ideas on where to go for a good slice of cheese and pepperoni pizza later in the day?

In the meantime here are my Top 5 choices for pizza in Western New York in no particular order.  In terms of crust and sauce they're all different.


  • 1


    Thicker crust, but not necessarily crispy.  A sweeter sauce with generous portions of whatever toppings you choose.  This place is a favorite of relatives when they come to town.  Bocce's is a first night must.

  • 2


    This place was introduced to me years ago when it was known as Pontillo's.  A crispy crust and baked right on the floor of the oven.  An Italian-style sauce.  Delicious.

  • 3


    This place on Ontario Street in Buffalo's Riverside section is one of the city's best-kept secrets.  I'll never turn down an invitation to have a pizza from Pat's.  A sweeter sauce, generous portions of toppings and you won't find a better price in the city.  But keep it a secret.  They might be inclined to raise their prices if they know.

  • 4


    This place is always busy.  Delicious food, generous portions.  But be prepared to wait.  My order has never been ready when they tell me it'll be, so there always seems to be a crowd of people waiting for their food.  It is worth the wait though.

  • 5


    I like to keep it local, but one of my favorites is Papa John's.  Like their advertising says, they use fresh ingredients.  The onions and mushrooms always taste like they were just sliced.  Plus I can get it when I'm out of town.

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