Chances are that you have seen a lot of men with their facial hair growing out since the start of November. The reason why is very simple. They are doing it to raise awareness of men's health and prostate cancer.

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Most people who have cancer and undergo chemotherapy lose their hair, so in an effort to raise awareness of prostate cancer, most men will not shave thier face in the month of November.

According to, "No-Shave November" was first introduced back in 2009 as a way for men to raise awareness after the creator's father died of colon cancer.

It was created by the Chicago-based Hill family after their father, Matthew Hill, died of colon cancer in 2007. The concept is based on growing one’s hair out wild and free, as a way of appreciating that one is lucky enough to still have that hair, since cancer patients usually lose it if they undergo chemotherapy.

Since 2009, "No-Shave November" events have raised over $3.5 million dollars for several cancer-related charities including St. Jude.

My father is a prostate cancer survivor and since he was first diagnosed, I have participated in "No-Shave November"

If you want to make a donation in honor of someone you love you can HERE

So far 16 days into "No-Shave November" things are getting a little hairy!

Dave Fields' No Shave November


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