It's easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of social media and YouTube these days.

You start watching one thing and that turns into an hour and all of a sudden, you are watching video after video of whatever it may be. It could be sports, pop culture or food.

For those who follow Barstool Sports, the famous pizza reviews by Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has been a popular series of videos on YouTube over the last half-dozen years. Portnoy has visited hundreds of pizzerias and many cities, trying the best pizza each location has to offer.

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Sometimes it's not just pizza though. Portnoy sometimes tries other food if the place or establishment is known for it. That will happen will happen tomorrow, when Portnoy visits a restaurant we know very well here in Western New York.

A person named Sam realized Portnoy was going to be in Syracuse, New York on Friday (April 21st) and told Dave to visit Tully's Good Times to try the famous tenders.

Portnoy was wondering why a Syracuse/Albany person was wearing Chicago Bears gear, but agreed to try Tully's.

Tully's is located in Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo. There are three locations in the Western New York area, with one being in Amherst, the other in Williamsville and the third in Cheektowaga/Depew.

The Tully's tenders are something that is worth trying. They're unique in style to Tully's and I would almost compare it to a sit-down restaurant version of Raising Cane's chicken fingers, but as much as I love Raising Cane's (need some in New York state), Tully's is better.

We will see if Portnoy likes Tully's tenders.

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