As we head into the weekend, many of us will enjoy an adult beverage. So we decided to highlight different drinks you can enjoy all weekend long.

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It AFC Championship weekend here in Buffalo as the Bills take on the Chiefs so here is a great drink to have at your tailgate party.

It is a Tyler Bass vodka martini. First off martinis are great tailgating drinks since the vodka helps cut the heat from those extra saucy wings. Plus this drink has a strong kick just like Bills rookie kicker Tyler Bass.

The "Tyler Bass" martini is made up of just two ingridents. You start with 3oz of vodka, I went with Deep Eddy, to a class full of ice. Then add around 1oz of sweet vermout and shake in the class. Then strain the drink in to a martini glass and enjoy. You can also add some olives or a lemon ring if you want.

Right now you can get a 1.75ml bottle of Deep Eddy vodka on sale for only $22.99 at Best Value Wine And Liquor in the Wegman's Plaza in West Seneca, Wine and Liquor Chateau in the Dash's plaza in Williamsville, and Midnight Liquor in the Covin/Eggert plaza in Tonawanda.


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