Many people take driving for granted, since we do it on a daily basis. Driving to work, driving to get groceries or seeing friends; we all have to do it and it's just a regular aspect of our lives.

However, driving-related accidents continue to be a problem around the country, including here in New York State.

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Whether it's drunk-driving, speeding or carelessness, driving related accidents take lives and cost thousands of dollars in damages in some cases.

New York State has quite a few cities with dangerous roads, including Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany; just to name a few.

However, New York City and upstate New York (north of New York City), continues to be a problem region for driving related accidents.

Money Geek recently published their deadliest roads in New York, based off statistics such as fatal accidents, total fatalities and distance of the roadway or stretch of roadway.

Seven of the top 10 were in the New York City region and according to their data, 3rd Ave. from 7th and 52nd streets in New York City's Brooklyn area is the most dangerous and deadliest stretch of road.

Eight fatal accidents have occurred here between 2017-2019, when the research was done.

Believe it or not, distracted driving has contributed to more fatal accidents than drunk driving or speeding. 20 percent of the fatal accidents statewide over these three years were drunk driving related and 28 percent speeding related.

Now that we are in the winter, snow and ice can also be major factors in accidents, including reduced visibility in lake effect snowstorms and heavy snowstorms.

We hope this number can go down in the coming years and that less drivers will feel the need to be distracted by other things, such as their smartphone.

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