This has been a debate for quite some time but now that the idea has become a reality the debate is heating up on where the new Amtrak train station should go in Buffalo.

The two locations that have been publicized the most are Buffalo's Historic Central Terminal or one of two possible locations downtown near Canalside.  One of the projected downtown locations would replace the Exchange St. station.  The other calls for a station on Washington St. just south of the 190.  While there are many positives for each site there are also many negatives as well.

Many people are pushing for the Central Terminal location not just because of its historic status but because it could help spur development in the area. This isn't the first time that the Central Terminal has been the focus of redevelopment for transportation purposes. Many people also feel that downtown has had such a resurgence as a destination that it wouldn't make sense logically not to have it in the area that is the draw for travelers.

However, public opinion may not matter when it comes down to making a decision. A report released yesterday had the estimated costs associated with each site and it might come down to the cheaper option. According to MetroNews, "a downtown station would cost between 34-and-86-million dollars, while renovating the Central Terminal would cost 68-to-149-million dollars."

So what happens now? In a report from WIVB, Mayor Brown said the engineering consultant firm will now present the information to the stakeholders for a vote that should happen before the end of April. Following the stakeholders vote, the decision will then be presented to Governor Cuomo and the process can move to the next stage.

If money wasn't a factor, where would you want the train station? It can be for any reason you want and you can even add a new location.



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