Ready or not, the cold air is on the way for portions of New York State! If you are not a fan of the frigid air, you have about a week of the milder temperatures before it really gets cold in the Empire State.

Most people who were born and raised here in New York State understand how quickly things can change in terms of weather. You can drive to work with the heat on in the car and then drive home with the windows down or air conditioner cranked up. It is a weird cycle that we deal with here.

But as we get closer to the middle of the month of November, the brisk mid-autumn air is moving in and the overnight lows are about to dip well below freezing.

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The rain and some gusty winds are going to move in at the end of Monday to start this week. In Western New York, the gusts could get over 35 miles per hour. But things seem to be drying out at the end of the week.

If you love weather, and talking about weather, there is a cool opportunity for you. The National Weather Service is always looking to expand it's list of available weather spotters. Weather spotters are very helpful to determine things like snow totals, severe weather and other important weather information.

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