There are few things more frustrating when you are trying to keep up with a garden or flowers than a deer who eats your stuff! You think you have it all figured out and secure and then the next day you wake up to find the damage from overnight. There is one flower in particular that is more popular and tasty for deer than the others.

You know how it goes. You put up a fence, spray the "deer repellent" or maybe even use the small figurines to try to stop them from approaching the garden only to see the flowers are eaten down to the stump!!!

If you are doing flowers in your landscaping this summer, avoid using begonias! We have found that as quickly as we can plant them, the deer devour them! It is back to geraniums and inpatients for us.

dpa/picture alliance via Getty I
dpa/picture alliance via Getty I

There are some things that people have suggested that you can try to keep these pests away from your garden.

10 Things Keep Deer And Rabbits From Eating Your Plants In NY

According to the findings in a study and report from Michigan State University, there are some begonias that are tastier than others.

The large leaf wax begonias (e.g., angel wing begonia) have the most deer resistance because deer can still pluck smaller wax begonias right out of the ground (taste test), even if they do not want to eat them.

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