It's always very exciting to see a TV/movie star here in Western New York.  It's even more exciting when he was one of the main characters in one of your favorite shows.

It's also a little disappointing to know that they were this close, and you missed them!

So you can imagine how many people are bummed that they didn't get the chance to see Jim from The Office (John Krasinski) when he made a stop in Akron, NY this afternoon.

According to a post from The Candy Apple Cafe in Akron, not only did he stop through, he stopped to take pictures with a couple fans.

No word on why he was here but some speculate that he was scouting out places for "A Quiet Place 2."  It wouldn't be all that out of the question as the original "A Quiet Place" was filmed in Little Falls.







I'm not entirely sure how he's going to be in the sequel.  If you remember, he was the ultimate hero in the original.  But we will see...


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