Western New York is a hidden gem for real estate. This area is such a great place to raise a family and despite the taxes in the state, Buffalo is far more inexpensive than many other top 60 markets around the United States.

There are still a growing number of stunning-looking places to live. You can find many of them in the surrounding suburbs, especially out where there is plenty of space in the countryside. Just 30-60 minutes south of the Buffalo metro, you can find some downright mesmerizing houses and mansions.

One of them is brand new and was just put on the market this month.

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Listed on Zillow for $1.7 million, this gorgeous Akron, New York (near Clarence) home was built in 2024 and features four bedrooms and five bathrooms. It's 4,500 square feet of space, but when you see photos inside, you witness all the spacious room that this place has to offer.

The modern style of the home is unlike anything you can find in the Buffalo area -- at least not much of. It really does feel like it belongs somewhere in Southern California. It reminds me of a mansion that a professional athlete would live in. The bedrooms and bathrooms look incredible.

This is one of the coolest properties in Western New York for sure but is definitely a big price tag. Check out some photos below, courtesy of Zillow.

$1.7 Million Mansion in WNY Looks Like a Los Angeles Home

Check out this amazing $1.7 million home in Western New York, which looms like it should be in Southern California.

Incredible $2.4 Million Mansion in Clarence Has Its Own Lake

This $2.4 million mansion in Clarence comes with its very own lake.

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