Country artists and other celebrities are reacting to the Rolling Stone cover story featuring the Boston bomber. The magazine is on the receiving end of quite a bit of criticism for its choice to stick an alleged terrorist on its front cover. Dierks Bentley had quite a reaction to the issue, sharing an eyebrow-raising picture while taking a pointed stance on the matter, which has sparked debates about freedom of speech and glamorizing violence.

Bentley tweeted the above photo, where he appears to put the magazine into his pants, writing: "childish but had to d--- the cover of @rollingstone in airport. keep your 1st amendment & ill keep my 7 bucks..."

In an interview with CMT, Bentley further explained his actions without going into lurid detail. "That magazine is so iconic. I can't even imagine how insulted those families must be by that image," he says.

"When one of our own (a country star) gets on there, it's like, 'Wow, man, you got on the cover of Rolling Stone.' It was always the coolest magazine. Something you dream about as a little kid playing guitar and singing, like, 'One day I'm gonna be on the cover of Rolling Stone.' With one picture, they ruined that."

In Bentley's mind, while Rolling Stone can exercise its right to free speech, he can also exercise his right to hold on to his money and spend it wherever he chooses. In this case, he will not spend it on a magazine that appears to be glamorizing a suspected killer. Although it's not clear how he obtained the magazine if he didn't buy it.

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