They've been voted one of the best supermarkets in America.  One of the reasons for this is their customer service. They are always looking to make your life easier and they may have done that by incorporating digital coupons into their Shopper's Club program.

The announcement was made through an email to their shoppers club.

According to WGRZ, the digital coupons are paperless coupons where consumers can browse online and clip directly to a Shoppers Club account to redeem at checkout. That's more carrying them around in your purse or waiting for the customer in front of you to find the one they're looking for!

Look for the coupons to start being used later this year.

There will be restrictions however.  Two different Shoppers Club accounts can no longer share the same phone number, Wegmans said in the e-mail.  Customers who share a number will need to update the account with a valid number that is not associated with another Shoppers Club account by May 17.

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