I was so shocked to hear of the news that disco icon Donna Summer passed away at the age of 63 and having battled cancer.  I grew up listening to Donna Summer on vinyl and 8-track.  I played her songs so much I wore those records and tapes out.  The album ‘Bad Girl’ was one of my favorites and as a kid I had no clue the song was referring to prostitutes I just knew it had a good beat and was fun to dance around my room to.  Other favorites were ‘Hot Stuff’, 'No More Tears' a duet with Barbara Streisand (me and my brother used to sing and act out her songs), and in the eighties she had a big come back with the song 'She works hard for the money'.   This is very sad news to me and you can bet I’m going to be cranking the ‘Queen of Disco’ tonight when I get home.   Donna will forever be a big part of my childhood memories and quite frankly having grown up on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Mount Pleasant Michigan, Donna was one of the first artists to expose me to disco and urban music.  Thanks for the memories and RIP Donna Summer.