New information has come out in regards to the shooting at Tops on Jefferson Avenue.

One of the Tops employees that called 911 to alert authorities about the active shooter inside the store did not get to say much because the dispatcher hung up on her. 

The dispatcher is now “off the job,” according to WGRZ, but it sounds like that may be a temporary decision, depending on the outcome of the investigation. 

An assistant manager who was working at the Tops location on Jefferson Avenue the day of the shooting alleges that when she called 911, the dispatcher became frustrated with her and hung up.

Letitica reportedly called into the live coverage on WGRZ to share what happened over the phone.

The gunshots were continuing to be fired and would not stop on Saturday afternoon, but someone had to call the police for help, so Letitcia dialed 911.

Letitcia told WGRZ what happened once the dispatcher picked up her call.

“I tried to call 911 and I was whispering because I could hear him close by,” Letitcia said. “And when I whispered on the phone at 911, the dispatcher would start yelling at me, saying, ‘Why are you whispering? You don’t have to whisper.’”

Letitcia tried to tell the dispatcher the nature of the incident and how the gunman was in the store, and according to Letitcia, she told the dispatcher, “He’s shooting. It’s an active shooter. I’m scared for my life.”

“And she said something crazy to me, and then she hung up in my face,” Letitica told WGRZ.

Thankfully, Letitcia was able to get ahold of her boyfriend who called the police on her behalf.

Many people in the City of Good Neighbors were outraged to hear what happened, and they are calling for the audio recording of the phone call to be released to the public.

Unfortunately, New York State does not typically release 911 calls to the public unless it is court mandated to do so.

The dispatcher who answered Letitica’s call is currently on administrative leave and the situation is under investigation, expected to have a hearing in a couple weeks.

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