If you have not gotten your COVID-19 shot yet here is a warning to not do this.

You have seen lots of people get their COVID shot and then put their vaccine card up on Facebook. Scam artists then see your vaccine card and it can be the beginning of a big fraud scandal. They take all of your information and steal it, possibly duplicate it and officials are saying, it is not exactly an easy thing to report.

Worse, they may go get your shot before you do. If you post your information and the first vaccine shot, they could go get your second one before you do. According to WIVB, Bill Kresse or sometimes known as "Professor Fraud" said:

With that piece of information, you actually can go into the dark web, social media and get the other pieces you need, including your social security number,” he said. “You’re handing over, potentially, to identity thieves, one of the access numbers on your tumbler lock that can access your identity.”

EXTRA: Something similar always happens during concert season as well. A concert ticket scam happens every year, but it can be prevented so easily. As soon people buy their tickets they get so excited and they post them on social media. On the tickets is a barcode which can be easily screenshotted. All the scammer has to do is use the barcode and get inside the concert before you do and they have used your ticket to get into the show--just leaving you standing there with no way to fix it.

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