Not a holiday.  Not a special birthday. Nope.  Not because it's "hump day."

Today was the day that history was made on TV!  It's the day the Dukes Of Hazard debuted! As a kid, the only gift I really wanted more than anything was a toy General Lee.  As a teen I wanted Daisy!  The Dukes had everything a country boy could ever want.  Except for a variety of button down shirts.  From being expert bowmen to owning the coolest car ever and having the greatest mechanic on the planet for a friend, safe to say Bo and Luke were the coolest guys on TV!  As a bonus, the show has to this day the Best Theme Song Ever!  The movie remake was ok.  Jessica Simpson looked good and Willie Nelson was fun to watch as Jessie. But nothing beats the original show and Waylon's narrations!


"The Dukes Of Hazzard" debuts on CBS, starring John Schneider, as Bo Duke; Tom Wopat, as Luke Duke; and Waylon Jennings, as The Balladeer. Jennings sings the theme song!

Here is a great reference for all things Dukes!

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