We talked about a story we found about how Americans use their horn on their vehicles for more than an alert alarm. According to Ford.com,

•In North America, customers use their horns less often than elsewhere in the world – typically as a way to greet neighbors and locate their vehicles in parking lots.

How many times have you parked your car at the mall and forget where you left it? You use the key fob to make the horn blast to locate your car/truck. Or when you pass a neighbor's house you give a lil toot to say hello! Or when you are in traffic and have road rage you lay on the horn to tell the other guy how poorly they are driving. The horn was designed for emergency situations such as when a car is pulling out in front of you. It is a way to tell the driver.."hello, I am over here..don't hit me!"

There is now some discussion about what the sound should be that the horns make on our vehicles. I am a fan of nostalgia and think we should go back to the arooooga horn. Or my personal favorite... the dixie horn as featured on The General Lee!