There is yet another recall that is getting plenty of attention here in New York State. The recall alerts have been increasing and this one is related to a popular product that you might have in the refrigerator.

It was earlier this week that we heard and read about a recall on pickup trucks that had a bad axle. Before the end of 2023, there were recalls on food, toys and appliances just about every week!

This time, the recall affects charcuterie.

Busseto Charcuterie Sampler
18-oz. plastic tray packages of “Busseto Foods Charcuterie Sampler Prosciutto, Sweet Soppressata, and Dry Coppa”
LOT Code L075330300 and “best by” date on April 27, 2024. This product is sold as a twin pack with two 9-oz. packages.

As far as the recall on trucks, that pertains to a particular Ford model.

But the latest recall is on various Ford F-150 pickup trucks. The issue with is that the rear axle may be bad and cause an accident.

There may not be any consumer more loyal or dedicated to a brand than those who own pickup trucks. There is a good chance that if you own a truck, the next one you will buy will be the same brand and you will defend that brand no matter what. Ford, Ram, Chevy/GMC and even Toyota and Nissan all are making trucks. Tesla now has a truck that is getting some attention as well.

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