The Super Bowl is now set as the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Fransico 49ers will play in Las Vegas on Sunday, February 11th in a rematch from four years ago. As we get ready for the big game, it is time to plan the parties and buy the snacks and order the pizza.

As the players are getting ready and fans making their travel arrangements, you might be looking for the best deal on a television or reserving a table at your favorite place. It seems that this match up of teams is not very popular among here in New York State. However, the Super Bowl is a great tradition and fun to watch regardless of who is playing.

There is a recall that has been announced by the FDA that is warning about a possible allergen in a variety of chips.

According to the recall, UTZ chips announced the following:

Utz Quality Foods, LLC., is issuing a voluntary recall for 88 cases of Utz® 2.75 oz. Wavy Original Potato Chips due to an undeclared milk allergen.

This recall is happening at the same time as Toyota announced that some of it's older cars are having an airbag safety issue.

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