The $300,000 Ford F-150 Raptor [PHOTO]
Have you driven a $300,000 truck lately? This isn't just any old truck. This beauty has just about every bell, whistle and exterior accessory that a truck lover could want. This Ford f-150 Raptor will grab attention anywhere.
Steve Kozak Wins Ford F-150 at Taste Of Country 2012
Congratulation to Steve Kozak of Cheektowaga who selected the winning key that unlocked a brand-new 2012 Ford F-150 SuperCab XLT 4x4, courtesy of the Western New York Ford Dealers.
At the WYRK Taste of Country concert, contestants were invited onto Coca-Cola Field for a chance to win a new …
Dale’s Briefs – Wednesday, October 5th
A new contract between Ford and the UAW brings good news to the Woodlawn plant. It’ll mean $136-million in new investments in the local plant. Ford also plans to recall 120 laid-off workers and create 400 new jobs at the plant.
Ford Vs. Chevy Tug-O-War [Video]
Everybody has their favorite brand.  Coke vs. Pepsi, Tim Horton's vs. Starbucks, and the one that us country folk can debate for hours:  FORD VS. CHEVY!!!  Which one has more power??  Well...this video has a very obvious answer to that question.
First Model T Rolls Off The Assembly Line – Dale’ Daily Data
It was introduced in 1908 and for the first time it provided a reliable and affordable car for the average American.  It was Henry Ford’s model T – nicknamed the tin lizzie.  It came in any color you’d like as long as the color was black and it completely changed the auto industry.  Up to that point…

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