It's funny to think about how much something as simple as shopping has changed over the years.  This used to be the way most people would Christmas shop.

It used to be the easy way to get it all done at once.  You would have to make a trip to the mall, but you could hit up so many stores at once!  You could check off everyone on your list and only have to find a parking spot once (even though finding that spot was a huge hassle)!

It was a shopping mall and they were beginning to pop up everywhere.  In the 80s it was the place to be.  There were arcades, and toy stores, and don't even get me started with the music stores!  I could spend hours there (and probably did) just looking at the newest music, posters, and cool things to play with.

This was the commercial from Easter of 1988.  They played it all the time.  Do you remember this one?


Now, shopping means sitting in front of your computer and clicking a button.  You don't have to park, you don't have to carry bags.  Packages can be delivered right to your front door.  I get it.  It's easy.  But it just doesn't have the excitement that it used to.

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