It's something that you probably do at least on a weekly basis.  It's been happening for years but people are just starting to take notice.

You go to Walmart and do your shopping...then as you're headed out the door, the nice greeter at the door asks if she can see your receipt.

Can you see my receipt?  Did you want to check out what I bought??  I mean...I guess you can.  But why?  I'm not a thief.

I would guess there are a couple of reasons why they do it.

1)  They want to make sure you're not taking something on purpose.

2)  They want to make sure you're not taking something by accident.

Regardless, they want to make sure you aren't taking something without paying for it.  Sometimes it's an honest mistake where the cashier forgot to ring up the item on the bottom of the cart.  Other times they're just making sure that what is in those bags is also on that receipt.  But it's starting to bother people.

Truthfully I'm surprised anyone said anything about it at all. It seems like it's always been like that.  What do you think? Is it inappropriate for stores to check receipts as you are walking out?


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