Over the last several years, food delivery apps have become hugely popular across the country and around the world. They're a convenient way to have your food delivered right to your front door, and all it takes is a couple clicks of your finger on the app you're using.

DoorDash and Uber Eats are the two most popular services to utilize for this.

However, if you have used these apps before, then you probably know that it doesn't always go well. Orders can still be messed up by the restaurants; orders can be left there for long periods of time due to a lack of drivers; and even delivered to the wrong address.

Wait times are among the most common complaints for DoorDash. The fact that there was a snowstorm last night did not help the wait times at all. Check out how long the wait times were for restaurants in the Buffalo area on Monday evening.

I ordered food because I didn't mind waiting and it only took an hour, which is still a long time for just two miles away (where the food was coming from), but under the estimated time that DoorDash gave me.

You should always tip the recommended amount when using food delivery apps. It just might be the difference between getting your food in a timely matter or not, because drivers won't want to jump at an order that has no tip.

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