Accidents or fender benders happen all the time. Usually, people think of them happening on the road or a highway when vehicles are going at higher speeds. Those dangerous situations can also happen in a parking lot, which can be especially dangerous given the volume of cars and pedestrians in close proximity.

The West Seneca Police Department released a video to their Facebook page on Monday morning of a driver who mistook his gas pedal for the brake pedal and caused damage to parking lot signs, along with his vehicle and another vehicle and it swerved out of control.

Thankfully, nobody was struck or injured.

The West Seneca Police Department reminded everyone that sometimes one of the most difficult things to do is to act upon a loved one's ability to continue driving. The driver in the incident was in his 90's and the police submitted a "Request for Driver Review" to the DMV, for a re-evaluation for their ability to drive.

Any concerned individual can submit a "Request for Driver Review" if they feel a loved one's ability to drive isn't what is expected when driving a motor vehicle.

You can learn more about that at the DMV's website.

My grandmother had multiple fender benders before we finally decided it was time for her to no longer drive. It's a tough situation. Nobody wants to stop driving but it can be stressful and emotional for their loved ones if they feel the time is right.

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