The real estate market has been cooling off a little bit since the end of the COVID pandemic here in New York State. From Albany to Buffalo, buyers have been trying to find homes for sale that fall within budget and can make sense with the current interest rates.

The snow has stopped flying, for now, and the for sale signs are starting to show up on front lawns all over the area. How long will these places take to sell? That is a good question. If it is a home for sale in East Aurora, New York, there is a good chance that it will be gone within a week. The only difference may be that the seller may not get the crazy money that they might have gotten 2 years ago.

For families looking to buy a house in Erie County, East Aurora seems to be the ideal location. East Aurora has everything including great schools. There is a home that is for sale in the East Aurora area that not only looks great, it boasts some great closet space. If you need storage, take a closer look at 872 Porterville Road.

East Aurora House With Massive Closet Space

Meticulously maintained, you'll notice the beautiful hardwood floors throughout the downstairs and large bedrooms with big closets upstairs. Plus, everything in this home has been updated: furnace, a/c, water tank, sump pump, roof, doors, and windows - live worry free.

The housing market all over Western New York has been relatively good. If you get closer to New York City, you will notice that many of the new residents are from the west coast. In fact, Brooklyn, New York seems to be the target destination for those moving from California.

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