One of the best parts of having kids is getting another chance in your lifetime to play with toys.

And the latest from Fisher Price is sure to bring the nostalgia out for Gen X and Millennial parents.

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The collection is inspired by the best entertainment technology we had to play with as kids in the 80s and 90s.

The new Laugh & Learn collection will finally give you the opportunity to teach your child what a cassette tape, boombox, and Game Boy were like, all while learning things like the alphabet, counting, and colors.

"At Fisher-Price, we’re always looking for ways to create playful connections between children and the grown-ups in their lives," said Chuck Scothon, Fisher-Price senior vice president and global head of infant and preschool at Mattel.

The toys include three new items, such as Busy Boombox, $19.99, which will help your baby find their groove with music and lessons.

Puppy's Mixtape, $7.99, features all the learning hits: the alphabet, counting and colors.

Lil' Gamer, $9.99, a hand-held gaming "console" inspired by the Game Boy we all asked our parents for, will teach young learning about music, sounds and phrases, colors, numbers and shapes.

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