Say a prayer for your friends who live near Elmwood and Allentown. If you’re that friend, all I can say is I’m sorry. I know you are angry, and as your neighbor, I completely get it.

It has been over a week since the snow storm that was projected to bring in 18-24 inches of snow in Buffalo, and while that is hardly anything compared to winters we have been through in the past, it is still a struggle to travel in the city – especially on foot. 

Anger has been steadily brewing among residents of the City of Buffalo, specifically among those who live in the Elmwood Village. Residents in the Elmwood Village and Allentown area travel on foot more often than you would suspect, and with sidewalks still untouched and completely covered in ice (and now snow), it has become a hazard to those who normally walk in these areas.

Initially, residents simply vented on Facebook, but now they are contacting city officials, and they are not happy.

One resident of the Elmwood Village posted on Facebook calling for action. 

Residents of Elmwood Village Facebook Group
Residents of Elmwood Village Facebook Group

“Enough is enough. We have shoveled. We have moved our cars to the right side of the street. We have dug out our stuck neighbors again and again and again. We have called 311. There is no excuse for the current condition of our streets.”

She then urged people to call their local Councilmembers, Joel P. Feroleto of the Delaware District and David A. Rivera of the Niagara District, and “demand better.”

And it sounds like that is just what the residents of Elmwood Village are going to do.

6 Responses From Angry Residents in Elmwood Village

Residents of the Elmwood Village expressed their disdain for the current conditions of their streets and sidewalks following a snow storm that was over a week ago.

Share with a friend who lives near Elmwood Village or Allentown and see what they think about it. 

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