If you have opened up social media in the past 4 days, you probably have gotten FOMO at least a little bit. It seems like just about everyone you know is down in Nashville right now partying their hearts out as they get ready for tonight's Monday Night Football game.

There were tons of local Western New York bands that played all weekend long at Nashville Bars. Christian Kramer and the Backwoods Revival was playing at the Tin Roof Broadway when they had Buffalo Bills wideout Emmanuel Sanders get up on stage and do the Bills chant. The place went absolutely insane, take a look at this video below! The players flew from Buffalo to Nashville on Sunday in the early afternoon. We were thinking about it this morning, I wonder if there is a curfew for the players to be back in the hotel. Either way, even if there is, we are glad that Sanders got out to the bar to make a special appearance for the Bills fans.

After the party that happened last time that the Bills visited the Titans back in 2019, you knew that it was going to be wild down there this year. Some of the Buffalo Bills wives have been spotted in and around the bars in Nashville this weekend as well. But, everyone is there to support the Bills and Josh Allen in his 50th start as a Buffalo Bill tonight.

The odds in Vegas are in favor of the Bills by 5.5 points. The Buffalo Bills take on the Tennesee Titans tonight at 8:15 pm.

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