Do people tell you that you and your mom are twins?  Enter to win $500 worth of prizes for your mom for Mother's Day with our Seeing Double Mother's Day Contest! Submit a photo of you and your mom to enter. The mother/adult child duo with the most votes will win a $200 Dr. Beyer Opticals gift card, a $200 Bangs gift card and a $100 Melting Pot gift card!

RULES: No professional photos. Photos must only include mother and adult child, no additional people. Entries must be submitted by 10 pm on Saturday, April 26. Both mother and child must be 18 or older to enter. Any entry that does not follow the rules will be automatically disqualified. Winner will be chose by poll. The photo with the most votes will win. Winner will have to complete at W-9. One entry per household. Please see WYRK's contest rules for more.

Sponsored by Dr. Beyer- For a look that's on fire, you gotta see Dr. Beyer and Bangs: Cool hair, great price!

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