It's been a growing concern in Erie County over the last week or two -- rising COVID-19 cases.

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According to WIVB, leaders are warning of another shutdown because of the rising COVID-19 rates across the county.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz says that he doesn't want to see another shutdown but unfortunately, that's the way we're heading with the rising COVID-19 numbers.

“Adults who attended adult Halloween parties at private residences now people who went to those Halloween parties are getting sick, said Poloncarz. This is what we talked about, you have to be careful. We know people like to have a good time, but unfortunately they’re putting us in a situation numbers continue to rise we’re going to be left with no choice but to shut things down again.”

Erie County is currently working with the state on a plan to limit the spread of the virus here in Western New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo will give an update on the COVID-19 cases in the region on Monday.

There were 259 confirmed cases in Erie County on Saturday and the region (WNY) as a whole is at a 4.8 percent positivity rate, according to WIVB.

Certainly, a shut down just before the holidays would be very bad for Western New York.

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