Per WKBW, the Erie County Sheriff's Office has announced that "table-slamming", the now-notorious pastime at tailgates of Bills fans across the country, will not be permitted ahead of Sunday's home opener against the Chargers.

During the course of their announcements, the Sheriff's Office attempted to remind everyone that they would be trying to eliminate excessive alcohol consumption, and they'll be cracking down on glass bottles as well. They followed that with a reminder that the "Fan Code of Conduct" that all fans who enter the stadium inherently agree to abide by extends to the parking lots as well.

The Sheriff's Office has stated that anybody who violates the "no table-slamming" policy will be ejected from the parking lot and could even face criminal charges.

While many members of Bills Mafia will view this as a challenge, we certainly think it's worth noting that police will be out specifically looking for people doing this. Think long and hard about the possible repercussions (and CONcussions), that's all we're saying.

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