Just because summer is officially over, doesn't mean we're out of the woods with "construction season."

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There's been some on-and-off work around Western New York the last few weeks but a new one-day project will be taking place this Saturday on the 290 Westbound.

According to The Buffalo News, bridge deck and joint repair work will begin on the 290 westbound by the in Amherst (at the 990) at 9 a.m. and end around 5 p.m.

The center and right lanes will be closed during that time period, so motorists traveling by can expect delays, maybe even heavy delays since two lanes will be closed on a busy section of the 290.

Sometimes that weekend roadwork can catch people by surprise, so be aware of this roadwork taking place of the 290 on Saturday.

Should be a beautiful day for it though -- highs are expected in the low 70s and plenty of sunshine.

Remember to slow down for the roadwork and fines increase speeding through construction zones.

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