Vacation homes are a dream for many people. In fact, chances are the vast majority of people would love to own a vacation home.

The great thing about New York State is that you don't have to go to Florida or the Carolinas to find awesome waterfront vacation homes. They're a stone's throw away in the Finger Lakes region.

There are countless homes that offer spectacular homes with gorgeous views inside and out, in the Finger Lakes region of New York. The location is unmatched for the spring and summer -- even the fall, with all that fall foliage.

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The most expensive homes for sale in the Finger Lakes right now, will cost you somewhere between $5.6 and $7 million.

Four of them are nestled along Skaneateles Lake, while one other is smack dab in the middle part of the Keuka Lake region.

The most expensive home of the five is along the west side of Skaneateles Lake, along W. Lake Road for $7 million. The most gorgeous of the five might be along E. Lake Road in Skaneateles for $5.6 million.

Check out the ridiculous views for these homes. Photos courtesy of Zillow.

E. Lake Road, Skaneateles Home

$5.6 million home on E. Lake Road on Skaneateles Lake.

W. Lake St. Skaneateles Home

$6 million home in Skaneateles, NY.

Goulburn Lndg. Estate, Keuka Lake

Explore this beautiful, $6 million estate along Keuka Lake.

E. Genesee Street on Skaneateles Lake Home

$6.1 million parcel for sale along Skaneateles Lake.

2890 W. Lake Road on Skaneateles Lake Home

$7 million home for sale at 2890 W. Lake Road in Skaneateles, NY.

$2 Million Lakefront Home For Sale In WNY Shocking People

This $2 million lakefront home in WNY will leave you speechless.

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