This home has a massive in-ground pool, large open living spaces, and beautiful curb appeal. Would you pay this much for it?

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The housing market in and around Western New York and Buffalo has been wild over the past few years. Competition for homes is so high that prices have shot up. It’s not uncommon to see 10s of thousands of dollars over the asking price that was given and things like inspections waived to secure the purchase of a home. That’s great for sellers but rough for buyers. 

This goes for the “ritzy” part of towns too, where the houses have always been a bit pricey in the $500,000+ range. However, where are they selling now? They are going in some cases for over $1-million!

Every week homes are selling for new record highs, and this home is no exception. The Buffalo News reports the Erie County Clerk’s office published real estate transactions a little over a month after the fact. This listing was for the week ending Jan. 21, 2022 in Buffalo on Nottingham Terrace. The realtor is Patricia Sutliff with HUNT Real Estate ERA who listed the property across several websites including

Zillow’s estimate, which should always be taken with a large grain of salt, says this home is worth a whopping $905,800. Turns out they were not far off. This home sold for $885,000! It wasn’t the only home in the area that sold above $800,000, but it was the most expensive home I could find on the list for this particular week. 

Check out these pictures of the home below. Do you think this home is worth the price that was paid for it?

Most Expensive Home Sold Last Week in Western New York

79 Nottingham Ter,
Buffalo, NY 14216

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