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If you watched the Bills game on Sunday, you may have heard the announcers giving praise to the people of Buffalo and their determination to help get the Buffalo Bills to the airport so they could play their game in Detroit.  The Bills were literally snowed in and the people of Buffalo stepped up to do whatever they could from clearing out driveways to literally shoveling them out.

However, at least one person has already begun to take some of the pats on the back that are meant for Squirrel.

If you know Squirrel, you know that he doesn't have a twitter account.  He also wouldn't care if someone else was pretending to be him. You know that he certainly wouldn't have cleared out Josh Allen's driveway to become famous.  He cleared it out because that's what farmers do.  They help people when they can, if they can.  

It's awesome that he's getting some love from Buffalo.  He should.  He wouldn't ever ask for it.  So I want to make sure that if you're thanking someone for doing a job well done, we're telling the right person thanks.

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