Andrew Pulsipherhas had HIV his entire life. He was born with it and both of his parents were both carriers and unfortunately, both passed away from the disease. 34-year-old Andrew shared on Facebook recently an extremely powerful picture that has gone viral:

I am sharing this with you because for the first time I can be completely honest with myself and others. This has taken me a very long time to be comfortable with (almost 34 years!). I know HIV has a negative stigma, but that it doesn’t have to and I want to help change that. It is a treatable disease and you can live a normal life with it. I am proof of that.”

Most people who are born with HIV don't make life past 7-year-old. Andrew wasn't even treated until he was 8. Andrew's disease is completely undetectable in his blood which means that the medication is working incredibly. He spent his entire life living with his aunt and other family members.