It was a tragic weekend in Genesee County as an accident on a ATV left one man dead.

According to the report, 43-year-old Thomas Butler was driving the ATV on Bliss Road in Oakfield Saturday when the vehicle hit a rock wall and flipped several times. The accident caused Butler and his 55-year-old passenger to be thrown from the vehicle. Butler died at the scene while the passenger suffered non-life threatening injuries.

As the spring and summer months roll in and the pandemic continues, more and more people are purchasing and riding ATV and dirt bikes. There are some things to remember if you plan to ride.Always wear a helmet, maintain a safe speed and ride within your skill level. We are trying to teach our sons about the proper ways to ride and ride safely. They are not big enough for any real ATV yet. But even on their "toys" I try to make sure they understand how to be safe. They must wear a helmet and they must be sure to listen to me to ensure they understand the rules. I feel like it is important to teach them when they are little so we can allow them to grow in to the real machines and use what I teach them to stay as safe as possible.

Accidents happen! If you are going on a ride, let others know where you will be and carry a phone so you can contact help in the event of an accident.


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