The Niagara County SPCA has temporarily closed their doors after a feline virus outbreak. The virus, Feline Panleukopenia, is very contagious and the symptoms include "vomiting, diarrhea and neurologic symptoms including seizures, lethargy and possibly death". Five cats from the shelter have died but the Niagara SPCA is saying that the outbreak is was kept to the quarantined and stray cat population and did not reach the adoptable cats.

The Niagara SPCA will be closed today (Tuesday) to continue cleaning and sterilizing to keep the virus from spreading throughout the shelter. The Niagara SPCA did say that this should not cause concern within the community,

"This disease should not cause panic in the public and has not caused panic in shelter staff. This is something almost every shelter deals with every summer."

The shelter did show some concern about the fact that a few of the cats that passed were given the vaccine in four doses and it should have prevented the contraction of the illness.

The shelter will reopen tomorrow for regular business hours. You can see their full statement from their FB page below.

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