With lots of rain this Spring, the fight to eradicate a dangerous plant in Western New York has been slow but progress has been made.

The Giant Hogweed can be found across Western New York and according to State officials, it can be very dangerous.

If you touch the plant it could lead to severe skin and eye irritation, including painful burns and permanent scarring. Plus getting even a tiny amount of the sap in your eyes can cause temporary or permanent blindness.

Here is a map where officials are currently battling against the plant.

Photo Credit: www.dot.ny.gov
Photo Credit: www.dot.ny.gov

Most of the time you will find the Giant hogweed along streams and rivers and in fields, forests, yards, and roadsides. It prefers open sites with abundant light and moist soil, but it can grow in partially shaded habitats, as well.

If you spot one of these plants, please report it to the State. Find out how HERE

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