Holidays can be stressful, especially those Holiday dinners when you get a bunch of relatives together  who don't always share the same opinions and views. I have compiled a list of five topics you may want to avoid to keep your Thanksgiving dinner peaceful and enjoyable.

1) Long-standing sibling spats. If you still can't get over the fact that your sister dated your husband in high school before you eventually married him, Thanksgiving dinner is not the place to bring it up.

2) Divorces and Separations. Discussing Uncle Fred's 4th wife Kaynette's recent affair with the mailman could make a lot of your guests lose their appetite.

3) Family Money Issues. Even though you're still angry that your brother in law Phil still owes you the five grand he borrowed last year and has still not paid it back. Save that discussion for a private time between you and him in the future.

4) Religion. Everyone knows mom is upset that two of her children left the Catholic church and another child married a Buddhist. You might not want to bring that up at the Thanksgiving table.

5) Politics. See above topic.

Have a great Thanksgiving dinner. Keep it civil and keep it Happy!

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