One student on the video screamed, "Put on the brake!"

This is surveillance video of the dangerous school bus ride in May 2010 in the Alfred-Almond school district in Allegany County. The bus driver had a blood alcohol content of .15. At the time, she thought the children were overreacting.

In the video, you can hear the driver say, "Will you guys stop?"

To which a student replies, "Well, you're not okay and I know it."

The bus hit high speeds, ran over a mailbox, and started rolling backwards downhill.

A student shouts, "Turn the bus off!" You're backing into the freaking ditch, you're making the little kids cry...Stop!" screams another student.

Finally, the children opened the emergency door in the back of the bus to get out, despite Thompson pleading against it.

The driver screamed, "You can't get off the bus!"

She spent 12 weekends in jail on her guilty plea to 37 counts of child endangerment and driving while intoxicated.

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