Look What Depew Is Doing Instead Of Forehead Temperature Scanning
Just about everyone will be back to school in Western New York this week and as you know, many are taking very cautious measures to keep everyone safe in addition to keeping up with state and local COVID-19 protocols.
You may have seen the forehead scanner in some places--restaurants, your office, sc…
No More Snow Days in Pennsylvania?
Yes, it's July right now but c'mon, snow days were everything when you were a kid. You got to watch the school closing ticker in the morning on the news and when you saw your school along those closed, it was party time!
Unfortunately for kids in PA, that might not be happening anymore...
Labor day has come and gone, which means one thing for parents and kids...the school year is about to begin! With all the last minute summer get together's, events, and soaking up every last bit of that summer sun, maybe you haven't been able to get all the back to school shopping accompli…

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